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Transmitter: D122.T - Description


The purpose of the D122.T is to arrange Set-point adjustments, e.g. like temperature, pressure or revolution, inside the explosion endangered area to e.g. high level control units outside explosion endangered areas, via a 4/20 mA current circuit


Totalizer D122.Z with field housing

Loop powered

The device is powered by measure circuit, therefore an extra power supply or batteries are unnecessary.

Set point range

The scale span -9999 to + 9999 id limited to 2000 digits.

Real Indication

The indicated value corresponds with the real measured current in the control circuit - it is not just a static display. So, the user has control of the transmitted setpoint.

Pressing current control button indicates the unscaled physical current in dimension mA.

Actual valve indication

Using an additional D122.A it is possible to indicate the real value of a feedback control system. So a hazardous area located simple process visualization of a feedback control.

  last modified: 06.11.2009