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Dosing controller DC155 - Description

The dosing controller DC155 is an all purpose dosing control device to manage batch controlling of any arbitrary liquids or solid products inside the hazardous area.


With a comfortable keyboard, with large keys (22 x 22 mm), a clearly arranged display and the flexible functionality it is easy to realize simple as well as complex batch applications direct in hazardous area, without huge wiring expense to a e.g. panel room in safe area.

Simple remote control

It is possible to realize a remote control for the basic functions >START, STOP, RESET<)

Multiple flow signal Inputs

The DC155 works nearly with any available transmitter, because he can operate with NAMUR- and digital 24V- pulse signals in standard version and with analogous signals as an option.

Intelligent dosing functions

Shocks on the pipe system can be prevented by a rising and falling ramp using a proportional solenoid valve or by using a coarse and a fine valve. Moreover it is possible to utilise the lag quantity and the preshut of the coarse valve to achieve a high dosing accuracy.

Process monitoring

The DC155 has a comfortable malfunction and disturbance monitoring system to monitor the sensor wiring and the flow.

Analogous output

The analogous output of the DC155 has a 14 bit resolution and it can drive a impedance up to 600 W, respectively 1000 W , using the separate analogous output supply option.

Flow control while Dosing

The DC155 has an internal PID- flow controller as an option. With this option the DC155 is a batch controller and a PID- flow controller in one device. The batch controller fills up the desired volume and the flow controller regulates the medium flow to the predefined set-point flow during the batch process. The set-point flow has also a ramp shape. The dynamical behaviour of the feedback flow controller can be adjusted with the common PID-parameter set: Kp, Ki and Kd.

MODBUS- Interface

With the modbus interface it is possible to view process data (like actual filled amout, total amount, etc) on a DCS for instance. The operator can also steer the Dosing procedure with commands.

  last modified: 12.02.2020