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Ex i- PID Controller PR130 - Description



The PR130 Ex i controller is designed for use in hazardous areas. The unit can be configured to operate as a fixed set point, ratio or override controller. The programming functions are organized at three levels, namely the configuration, parame-ter and operation data level. Each level can be locked via a code number.


The actual value input can be adapted to all common standard signals and for direct connection of a Pt 100 sensor. In addition, the controller has an intrinsically safe supply output for connection of two-wire transductors, thus permitting practically any physical value to be adapted to the controller input.


The active, intrinsically safe analogue output with separate feeding terminal can be used for direct control of intrinsically safe actuators. When operated as two or three point PWM- controller, this unit in combination with the VI156 supply and interface modules can be used to operate actuators(e.g. heating systems) with max. 250 VAC/ 6A in hazardous areas.

Digital I/O

Each standard unit has four free programmable digital inputs and outputs. The PR130 can now serve two actuators (split range control) as an option.

MODBUS- interface

Using the modbus interface option the controller can communicate with a high level control system (i.e. DCS). The control system gets the process variables and can manipulate the control loop with steering commands.

  last modified: 06.11.2009