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Supply and interface module VI156 - Description


The supply and interface module VI156 allows the DC155 or VZ150 preselection counter to be directly operated with non intrinsically safe signals.

Mounting in hazardous area

The unit can be mounted in the hazardous area thus dispending the need for wiring to the safe area. All required modules are integrated in the interface.

Ex e- help power supply

Additional the VI156 has a non intrinsically safe help power supply (terminals 13/14; 24 V, 10 mA) to use passive control signals(relay contact or open-collector output)

isolator function

Non intrinsically safe control signals, e.g. from a programmable controller can be directed via the 2 input converters (terminal 17/18 respectively 19/20) and intrinsically safe output terminals (34/35 respectively 34/36) to the Dosing controller.

Ex e Relay contacts in hazardous area

The 2 isolated barriers with relay output (changeover contact 250 V AC, 5A) as well as the open collector output (U < 30 V, I < 200 mA ) can be operated with the three digital outputs of the DC155.

Ex i- power supply

The Ex i- circuit at terminals 32/29-31 supplies power of 15 V/50 mA DC with a rectangle characteristic. This satisfy a DC 155 or VZ150 with analogous output or TTY- output option, (but not both).

Option: Serial Interface

The VI156.x.5.x version has an additional interface converter. This permits the intrinsically safe TTY interface of the DC 155 resp. VZ150 to be coupled with a non intrinsically safe interface" of a printer or higher level control system.

Option: extended Ex e terminals

The VI156.x.x.1 version has a 100 mm larger Ex e terminal space with 18 additional Ex e terminals. This terminals are for any purpose of your application. An additional expensive Ex terminal box is unnecessary - your application leaves compact, flexible and orderly.

  last modified: 06.11.2009