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Scale terminal WT158 - Description


The scale terminal WT158 is a low cost indicator of a scale in hazardous area.

Load cell input

It has a direct signal input for one or more weight cells

Display und front keys

The WT158 has a 5 digit 7 segment display and 4 keys. The front keys allow a direct net / gross / Tare switching as well as change of the weight dimension. The device can be configured and scaled by buttons and display.


The housing protection class of the WT158 against dust and humidity is IP65.

Digital output

The digital Ex i open collector output can be used for scale limit monitoring. If the scale exceeds the maximum (or the minimum) limit the output will change its state. It is possible to choose normal open or normal closed condition.


Optional the WT158 has a TTY interface or an analogous 0/4 .. 20 mA output to transmit the weight data.

  last modified: 06.11.2009