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Digital Indicator: D122.A - Description


Digital Indicator D122.A, control panel housing


Digital Indicator D122.A, field housing

The digital Indicator D122 indicates measured values of intrinsically safe current circuits from 4 up to 20 mA in hazardous areas.

Loop powered

The device is powered by measure circuit, therefore an extra power supply or batteries are unnecessary.

Main purpose

The indicator measures the current, scales the measured value and displays finally the result on the LCD.

Trend analysis

For trend analysis, the measured signal is also be displayed on a 41 segment bargraph. It's possible to scale the bargraph separately.


The indicator D122 is available in several housings.

Digital outputs

Furthermore with alarm monitoring option the indicator has two intrinsically safe alarm outputs. These outputs change their state, when the measured value exceeds its alarm limits. It is possible to configure the outputs as normal open or normal closed circuits.

Limit- Bargraph

Additional the alarm limits appear graphically on a second bargraph. On one look you're sure that the measured value is in its limits.

  last modified: 06.11.2009