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Fieldbus indicator D122.PA/FF - Description


The digital indicator D122.PA/FF operates as an indicator for process data in a Profibus PA or field bus foundation H1 network.

The indicator behaves as a “Listener”, i.e. it does not appear in the bus as a participant with an own address. It separates a programmed field bus address and indicates the value of this address.


Digital Indicator D122.PA / FF

The advantage of this conception is that the D122.PA/FF must not be initialized by the bus master and does not in-crease bus traffic.

The programming of the address can be done by the front side keyboard and is code word protected.

The process value of the sensor or actuator is indicated as a number of five figures. The process value status is shown by limit value marks.

Beside the measured value, the display includes a 41 segment bar graph for fast trend observation, which can be scaled separately from the indicator value.

The D122.PA/FF is built into a durable powder-coated aluminium housing.

Loop powered

The device is powered by measure circuit, therefore an extra power supply or batteries are unnecessary.

Trend analysis

For trend analysis, the measured signal is also be displayed on a 41 segment bargraph. It's possible to scale the bargraph separately.


The indicator D122 is available in robust powder coated aluminium housing.

Option 3 channels

The D122.PA/FF.7.0.3K monitors 3 Bus addresses simultaneously .

Is the D122.PA/FF a registered Foundation Fieldbus product ?

The D122.PA/FF works as shown above as a field bus listener. Therefore it is not a „classical“ field device with an own address and an internal data stack. For this reason a registration by the Foundation Fieldbus organisation is not possible and nessecary.

  last modified: 06.11.2009