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Revolution counter: DM110 - Description

The indicator type DM110.X serves as a digital revolution indicator or event counter respectively in explosive endangered areas.

Revolution counter DM110.3 - Panel mounting housing


The circuit of the DM 110 is optimized that the self-current consumption amounts to smaller than 0.1 mA (at 8V).

This small consumption gives the possibility to connect the equipment with any NAMUR 19234 driving circuit. Switched with a right sensor in parallel mode, without disturbing his function.

The switching commands of the sensor will come directly to the control unit to be worked up further there.

Easy installation

During operation in Ex-area the digital revolution indicator DM110 which is connected parallel with a sensor receiver the control commands coming from the sensor and integrates them up during selectable gate time.

Revolution counter DM110.5 with field housing

Working principle

Within the ex range parallel to the sensor the control instructions outgoing from the sensor it receives and integrates operated digital tachometers DM 110 during a preselectable gate time.

The accurate gate time for a number of revolutions proportional announcement can be computed after the indicated equations and is digitally adjustable in 1000 steps.

By this universal attitude an adjustment of the tachometer is possible on practically each number of teeth of a turning wave. Over additional Dil switch at the equipment can be shifted the decimal point to any number.


Multiplier-module for DM110

The multiplier-module offers the possibility to multiply the income Impulses of the measurlng sensor accordlng to a programmable factor.

Therefore it is posslble, even at a low rate of impulses, i. e. only one impulse per rotation and a multiply factor of 60, gate-time one sec., to reallze a direct indication of the revolution. Wlth the standard-equipment

The factors x1 , x4, x10, x30, X60 can be adjusted rlght next to the LED-display, after lifting the front frame.

The Input frequency range Is 1 Hz to 5000 Hz.


Supply-module for DM110

The supply-module is integrated Into the DM 110. It generates an intrtnslcally safe NAMUR-supply-clrcult wlth the supply voltage (220V, 110V, 24V-).

It is necessary to feed measuring sensor and your revolution Indicator. The result Is a self-runnlng measurlng system In ex-area; because there is no additional supply-circuit needed.

  last modified: 06.11.2009