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D122.A D122.PA D122.Z DM110 TA125

Text display TA125 - Properties

  • Mounting inside hazardous area
  • Certificate: TÜV 00 ATEX 1551
  • Ex- Protection:
    • II 2 G; Ex ib IIC T6
    • II 2 D; T70°C IP65
  • Field housing protection class IP65
  • Display with 15 mm character height,
  • 4 rows with 40 characters
  • Switchable to a 65 mm character height font
  • Text data transport from the save to the hazardous area
  • Interface module to connect several bus systems (RS232, RS485, Profibus DP, Interbus , Modbus)
  • Its possible to connect many Text displays with different text contents with one bus.
  • Intrinsically safe interface for data and power supply: TI125
  • 12 digital intrinsically safe inputs to connect passive control switches, e.g. for alarm acknowledge from hazardous area
  • Alarm output to control further alarming devices, e.g. flash light
  • 32kbyte character memory (ca. 255 pages), non intrinsically safe binary address inputs option for the TI125 to select the pages


  • Keyboard KB125 suitably to TA125 with 12 keys and exchangeable key symbols
  last modified: 14.02.2020